Tradie swaps work boots for bowls

Article in Gold Coast Bulletin - Wednesday 21st April 2021

Tweed Heads tradie Brent Draper has ditched his steel capped boots for a mixing bowl after being handed a MasterChef apron on Tuesday night. The 31 year old ex-Boilermaker is one of 24 aspiring foodies heading into the kitchen with hopes of making it into the final of Season 13.

"I left school and went straight into a trade and loved it until five years ago. Recently, i've realised I wanted to do more with my life, and then I became a Dad and thought 'Nup, i've got to have a crack at what I love and be a good role model for him'" he said.

Mr Draper said he'd only seen one season of the show and laughed when he was handed an apron, not quite believing he'd earned himself a place in the show.

His Middle Eastern Lamb with Roasted Eggplant and Flatbread wowed the judges at auditions. "I love food, not necessarily just the cooking of it but the experience that it brings, the vibe and what happens around food".

Mr Draper said if it hadn't been for his wife Shonleigh, he would have never taken the plunge particularly as it was also a risk financially. "If it wasn't for her, I would be still living my old life, waiting for the weekend. But she's opened me up to the possibility that I can do anything I want."