'After many years in the trade feeling lost and stuck in a rut, I finally found it...'

It's hard to explain just how 'stuck in a rut' I felt after realising that i'd spent over 12 years in the trade as a Boilermaker, and I didn't wanna do it anymore. I mean, I was pretty good at it and I was grateful for the opportunity to get good at the craft, but along the way i'd lost all passion for it. I wanted to grind off the shackles and give something else a crack, but I had no idea how I was gonna do it.

Now I know i'm not alone in this, there are plenty of tradies out there like me that feel the exact same way, and I know this because most of my mates are tradies and plenty of those blokes are in the same boat as I was. The boat that felt like it was always trying to row upstream, getting nowhere fast... (read more >)

Behind the Scenes

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