Humble beginnings

Article in Courier Mail - Sunday Mail Edition 18th April 2021

Brent Draper's MasterChef journey started out of pure survival, living in a share house of tradies with a diet fast food and Pizza.

The Beaudesert born boilermaker (left) learnt to cook while living with three other apprentices when he started his career.

"It was his survival sort of thing" he said. "None of us could cook we were pretty much buying pizza McDonald’s and KFC every day and apprentice wage is about $300 a week so I couldn’t keep doing it for much longer. I just said righto I’ll learn how to cook and you boys can pay for the groceries'. I found I actually enjoyed it"

Evolving into a passion for now 31-year-old husband and father of two-year-old son Alfie decided to apply for this season of MasterChef in the hope he can move off the worksite after 12 years working as a tradie. "The biggest motivation was my wife, she sort of push me to go through it" Draper said. "I've got to a point in my life, I’m 31, I’ve just gotta do something. If I don’t do something crazy like this I don’t think I’ll ever get out of the trade". "It’s not my passion but food is just a great passion for me. It was just to do something crazy and put myself out there". 

When it comes to Homelife Draper admitted he was definitely in charge in the kitchen. "We’ve agreed, (she) my wife has cooked twice in 10 year relationship, so she’s got a pretty good", he laughed

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